Capital 8 Financial


Capital 8 Financial had the biggest transformation of a website we've had the privilege to perform! A winner of our FPA Congress 2019 competition, John and his partner won on the basis of our being able to make a big difference in a short space of time.

John’s story was familiar to us. His old site had been built by a young friend as a favour some time ago, and whilst it was ok at the time, it no longer met client expectations. Between normal client needs, and the impacts of an industry always in flux, John had found getting a new website too hard to get to the top of the priority list.

Over the course of a week, we worked together to complete his website copy and launch a whole new site. It didn’t take long, and now his digital shopfront aligns with where he would like to be.

John keeps his site fresh on a regular basis, being one of our first users to adopt our Advant integration. This keeps his website fresh with new content regularly without him lifting afinger, so he can keep focused on doing the most for his clients.