Hoplon Cyber


Hoplon Cyber are leaders in Australian cyber security for professionals, those working from home, or individuals who want to ensure they have a secure home network. They approached us to get their new website up as they work to grow their business.

Whilst different from the advice work we are known for, it was a pleasure to work with the team and their hands-on approach to making the most of their website.

The team at Hoplon have truly worked hard to make their client experience as easy as possible and driven this through their website, including:

  • Easy scheduling system for clients via Calendly;
  • Leveraging integrations with HubSpot and Gravity Forms to update their CRM from their website in real-time and streamline responses to queries;
  • Digital engagement including onboarding questionnaires and secure online payment processing; and
  • Informative content online to support their clients and anyone else learning more about how to protect themselves and their families.

They also have done a great job of demonstrating the expertise they have across the broader team. Something that is all too easily forgotten when you’re working in the business.

We would encourage you to check out their site, for both the simple and effective design, as well as it being a great service and highly relevant for those with flexible workspaces.