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The team at Apex Advice were a pleasure to work on the journey to producing a cohesive, engaging website.

We are really happy with the website thank you, we have received a lot of positive feedback about it. We love it!! – Dannae W

The team at Apex Advice, led by John Mansarra (Senior Financial Adviser) and Dannae Woolman (Head of Advice), were introduced to our services through a deep brand review with expert Lisa Greensill, whom we worked closely with throughout the service.

It was great to work with a team that had committed to rethinking their brand and online presence prior to working with us, as their clarity of message helped us to make their site truly reflect the team at Apex Advice.

Imagery was effectively used across this site, as exemplified through:

  • Colourful iconography that symbolises key services and processes;
  • Bright, family-oriented imagery that adds a personal touch and relatability;
  • Geelong beaches that identify the brand locally; and
  • John and Dannae’s professional photography that introduces themselves and their office to clients.

Additionally, we introduced geometric shapes that were relevant to the brand imagery through a layered system where they look excellent across all laptop and mobile devices, adding an additional layer of brand consistency across the site.

Beyond the look and feel, to enhance credibility and SEO ranking we incorporated our live Google Reviews integration, highlighting the company’s favourability in client eyes. We also added a call-to-action button built to support Calendly, where prospects can easily book a 20 minute chat to see if the company is right for them.

Both these elements make it easy to identify Apex Advice as a trusted adviser who is easy to engage.

Ultimately, Lisa, John, and Dannae, were a pleasure to work with and we are so happy with the cohesive site we created with them.