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Journeynest, a financial advisory firm based in Victoria, launched its website with us in mid-2021.

Patrick and Jacqueline were very professional and took me through the whole process with guidance and professionalism. I am very impressed with the outcome. Thanks and well done to you both! – Billy Hanafi

Working alongside Billy Hanafi, Journeynest’s Founder, we are proud to showcase the Journeynest website, which launched with us in mid-2021.

The blue (representing a nest egg) and orange (which is welcoming and warm) in Journeynest’s logo are featured throughout the site, from the carefully chosen imagery to the buttons and headings, which couple together to create an aesthetic and cohesive look and feel. The website features a cycling imagery theme, representing one of Billy’s passions, thus helping his clients get a better insight into the man behind the brand.

We worked in collaboration with Journeynest’s licensee, Lifespan, who were very supportive of Journeynest beyond minimum compliance requirements, which contributed positively to the build overall.

Valuably, Journeynest has included a blog leveraging insights supported by his licensee, allowing them to share helpful information and insights with their clients.

Another valuable addition to Journeynest’s client experience can be found in their booking system. By integrating Calendly throughout the site, we make it easy for clients to select a meeting time.

Journeynest has also included a client portal link. This is helpful for clients as they can easily navigate to the company’s site, to then take them directly to their client login. This is also a simple way for Journeynest to increase its SEO.

A key way Billy has improved his website’s SEO and the building of a sense of trust with prospects is through the integration of Google Reviews. This works to validate his credibility and demonstrates his capabilities to existing and prospective clients.

Overall, Billy was clearly a passionate adviser, who wanted to create a site that would enhance his client’s experience. We thoroughly enjoyed this build and look forward to continuing to work with Billy in the future.