Showcase best

One thing we love about Presidio’s approach is that it’s bright, friendly, and colourful.

We have used Simply Advice Websites for all of our Group websites. The process is seamless, and easy to follow. The team have amazing design skills, and there’s so much tech going on in the background — it’s something you don’t have to worry about. There is nothing that can’t be overcome, and the results are always amazing. Absolute best web designers to work with! – Despina Cook

Presidio originally approached us after a referral from their licensee. They had two group websites that needed some help. One had been managed by a third party and was no longer an appropriate solution for their business, with another that was good but had become difficult to update and leverage for future growth.

Presidio specialise in small business owners, and really wanted to have that sentiment come across on their site. After some serious photo hunting, we got the perfect mix that matched both their vibe and target market and could fit within the modern website design.

The team at Presidio did a great job at making the most of the resources. To name a few, they have:

  • Leveraged their Platinum Adviser Ratings status on the site using the embedded Adviser Ratings widget;
  • Demonstrated their expertise with our one-click-and-go professional accreditations;
  • Celebrated their long list of great Google reviews, all integrated automatically and live on their home page;
  • Easy to find contact details, enquiry forms, and social media links; and
  • Built in their blog that they post topical content for.

Beyond their regular news and blog updates, the Presidio team also asked for a section on their homepage where they could easily post updates. This is a great way for them to keep their page relevant to what is happening in the world and in their business which they manage easily through the self-serve dashboard.

You can also see their sister site, which had an entirely different colour palette and service style at