Whitsunday Wealth

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Our team at Simply Advice Websites had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Whitsunday Wealth to build their new website. 

Thanks team for all your hard work. It was an impressive experience and very professionally handled throughout, look forward to continuing to work together – Matthew Neill

Led by Managing Director Matthew Neill, this respected financial advice firm sought to give their outdated website a fresh and contemporary touch, while maintaining the essence of their original brand image.

New Beginnings with Clarity

Matt had a clear vision: to refresh, modernise, and enhance the functionality of their existing website, which had been neglected over the years. He needed a reliable partner who could provide ongoing support and maintenance, while also facilitating new business growth moving forward. That’s where we came in.

This project holds a special place in our portfolio as it marks the first site launched using our new website design, Clarity. We are thrilled with the result and believe that the additional functionalities we’ve built into the design will prove invaluable in supporting Matt and his team, ultimately boosting client engagement and outcomes.

Integrated Features for a Seamless User Experience

Tactically, we integrated a range of features to enhance user experience and facilitate more meaningful client interactions. Among these was the integration of 5-star Google Reviews, a move that not only heightens SEO ranking but also showcases the firm’s credibility to prospective clients.

To actively generate leads, we implemented our off-the-shelf lead magnet, “5 Steps to Take Charge of Your Financial Life”. This resource not only helps build a community around the Whitsunday Wealth brand but is also a valuable tool for both prospective and existing clients.

Additionally, the firm’s new Insights page serves a dual purpose: providing valuable, industry-relevant content to clients while growing blog subscribers. Beneficially for the firm, we’ve strategically partnered with Financial Writers Australia to post weekly, industry-relevant articles. This allows the Whitsunday Wealth team to keep up-to-date content on their site without lifting a finger, addressing a historical pain point.

On top of this, Matt’s investment in our website service lead to a substantial increase in their website security, a key benefit of our service in supporting the needs of financial advisers.

Embracing the Whitsunday Aesthetics

One of the most visually enjoyable parts of this project was incorporating beautiful Whitsunday imagery into the website design. The home page now features an eye-catching hero image of the stunning Whitehaven Beach, creating a sense of appeal and relevance for locals. Leaning into the bright, location-based brand colours of yellow and blue, we integrated modern and aesthetic design elements throughout the site.

To enhance engagement, we included meaningful iconography to represent the company’s values, an element that was important to Matt as part of the company’s vision. Through our Calendly setup service we added call-to-action buttons linked to round-robin Calendly meetings across the site, and each adviser’s profile page now includes a direct meeting link to an obligation-free 15-minute chat, making the prospecting process easier for all involved.

Additional Features and Considerations

Our collaboration with Lisa Greensill for the website’s copywriting was another highlight of this project. Her ability to craft compelling and brand-aligned content continually impresses us, adding another layer of professionalism to Whitsunday Wealth’s online presence.

One particularly value-adding feature in terms of adviser functionality was the inclusion of a client survey page. This page is intentionally non-navigable for the ordinary user, allowing the Whitsunday Wealth team to send clients a link directly to their site to collect feedback and gain valuable insights into their client experience. This enhances their process by offering a strategic alternative to Google Reviews when deeper or constructive feedback is desired.

As always, we made sure the new Whitsunday Wealth website was more than just aesthetically pleasing. Sporting a modern feel with a mobile responsive layout and user-friendly navigation, it ensures clients can access their services with ease, regardless of the device they’re using.

Final Thoughts

Working with Whitsunday Wealth was a truly rewarding experience. We’re immensely proud of the final product and believe the new website effectively aligns with their high-quality services and stunning location. It offers a vibrant, modern, and user-friendly experience for visitors while providing the Whitsunday Wealth team with the added benefits of adviser-centric functionality.