Ascent Private Wealth


Ascent Private Wealth is a Victoria-based firm who launched with us in early 2021.

Ascent Private Wealth had a vision for a rich and engaging website that featured company-relevant imagery and themes throughout the site. Working alongside the Founder and Managing Director, Mark O’Toole, and Communications and Operations Director, Louisa Huber, we were able to help their vision come to life.

Ascent meticulously chose imagery that is featured in their office or relevant to their business goals. Not only is the image of the beautiful Crayola Aspen aesthetically pleasing and conjures a sense of mature growth, but it also appears in their meeting rooms, bringing truth to the client’s digital journey in real life once they meet.

The team at Ascent was highly driven by their charitable work in the Himalayas, which combined with their sophisticated colour palette, worked nicely with an aspirational mountain-climbing theme. In particular, Ascent’s clear passion for helping facilitate the needs of their target market, charitable engagements, and sustainability initiatives shone through in our conversations and made them a pleasure to work with.

A testimonials section was also included on the site and will be expanded over time as they collect more reviews from their clients. Furthermore, some extra design elements were added, exemplified in their services page that features different-sized shapes to display their services. This helps set them apart from others as this is a more original design than a simple list.

Overall, by working closely with the client, we are proud to have created an inspiring and effective website that is relevant to their clients.