How To

Please consider this your first port-of-call when trying to update your website; whether that be adding content or updating your licensee details. Please note that we have divided our instructions into categories for your convenience. If you have an issue that we do not cover in these steps, or you are confused about something we have provided instructions for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

Company details

  1. How to add your complaints policy
  2. How to become self-licensed
  3. How to change licensee details
  4. How to remove your complaints policy
  5. How to update the contact details on your website
  6. How to update your awards
  7. How to update your Financial Services Guide (FSG)
  8. How to update your General Advice Warning (GAW)
  9. How to update your primary site administration email address
  10. How to update your privacy policy


  1. How to add a page
  2. How to change a page’s header image
  3. How to edit pages
  4. How to make a blog post
  5. How to create a featured/banner image that looks great

Team members

  1. How to add a team member
  2. How to amend your team’s accreditations and memberships
  3. How to change the order your team members appear in
  4. How to hide or remove a team member
  5. How to update a team member’s profile picture
  6. How to update adviser profiles


  1. How to activate Pretty Links
  2. How to activate the WordPress Notification Bar
  3. How to add Google Analytics and Site Map Integration
  4. How to leave and share a Google Review


  1. How to change your ‘book meetings’ URL
  2. How to check your form submissions
  3. How to clear your autoptimise cache
  4. How to edit your navigation menu
  5. How to embed a button
  6. How to embed videos on a page or post
  7. How to find your Google Reviews link
  8. How to hyperlink
  9. How to login to WordPress
  10. How to share your Google Maps link
  11. How to update your notifications email address
  12. How to manually update testimonials
  13. How to remove the Calendly branding on your booking page