Circle Finance Group

Circle Finance Group laptop display

We thoroughly enjoyed bringing Circle Finance Group’s website to life, creating a modern and engaging website for Michael Lawes’ new business.

Thanks for all of your terrific work, Patrick. The website looks amazing and has given me a brilliant platform to launch the business – Michael L.

Even for one as digitally savvy as Michael, establishing a new venture and presenting it to the digital world is nonetheless daunting. So, when Kim Payne from 9rok introduced Michael to us to build the cornerstone of his brand-new mortgage brokerage business, Circle Finance Group, we couldn’t be more excited. A blank canvas is a beautiful thing, after all!

Michael was enthusiastic and wanted a mortgage brokerage experience that’s not just functional but profoundly user centric, something we were of course happy to help him achieve.

Along with key website elements, such as blog articles provided by 99Content and easy to use get-in-touch forms, we made several decisions that would enhance prospective client experiences.

  • In today’s digital age, your smartphone is more than a communication device – it’s a decision-making tool. Knowing this, we designed Circle Finance Group’s website with a mobile-first approach, ensuring that prospective clients can easily access important information and contact Michael effortlessly.
  • First impressions are vital, especially in an industry that relies on trust. Understanding this, we used visually engaging imagery – including a lovely family photo of Michael with his wife and his children – to add a personal touch and connect with prospective clients on a human level.
  • At the time of launch, the business was in its infancy, meaning Google Reviews had not been collected yet. Given this, we’ve pre-build the reviews section so that they’re ready to go at any time. These reviews will further reinforce the legitimacy and trustworthiness of Circle Finance Group, as well as boost the site’s SEO.
  • Finally, a clearly positioned call-to-action invites website visitors to schedule an obligation-free meeting with Michael. This serves as an initial touchpoint to explore the benefits of working together.

We thoroughly enjoyed helping Michael enhance his digital presense and appreciate his clear vision. We look forward to continuing to support Circle Finance Group as it grows.