JEM Wealth

JEM Wealth

JEM Wealth had a website that had suited its purpose some time ago, but as the business has grown and goals have changed the website needed to do so as well.

Patrick, Jacqueline and the team have been excellent to work with! They know their stuff and have put together a website that fits our brief and works very well for us. We could not be happier with the result. – Ben McHugh

Where we started

In addition to the goals changing, since their previous designer no longer looked after the website, it had become difficult to update for even basic staff changes. A common problem we see.

Delivering on a promise

We really love the effort JEM Wealth put into ensuring up to date professional photos were taken for their website, leveraging their office location. Beyond simply looking nice, it ticks two big boxes:

  • Human and relatable, as no stock photo can help visitors understand what they’re getting and who they’re dealing with like a real-life photo.
  • Delivers on a promise, as once you step into the office the expectations from when they researched JEM online (and they almost always do) are instantly met.

Additionally, photos of their multiple office locations are included next to a Google Maps window, helping clients find the offices easier when they visit.

Not just marketing, but a centrepiece of the client experience

JEM Wealth also engaged our team to review elements of their processes and client experience, which included a deep website integration for booking meetings and engagements.

This included the options for clients to:

  • Book an Introductory Call on their homepage;
  • Book a Discovery Meeting with their adviser of choice (including across three different locations and Zoom);
  • Get a digital meeting Discovery Confirmation Page which includes instructions on how to reach their office and the option to pre-complete a short pre-discovery questionnaire;
  • Book a Review Meeting with a hidden page for each adviser that can be easily embedded into streamlined emails; and
  • Get a digital meeting Review Confirmation Page which includes a short pre-review questionnaire.

Even though JEM Wealth is committed to personal service with all their clients, by providing options and choices for their clients in this way, they provide the service in the manner that best suits the client and can be accessed 24/7.

In addition to the client experience benefits, this also means time saved for the team so they can focus on what’s most important to clients.

Packing in the best for their clients

The list goes on with the ways in which JEM have leveraged the Simply Advice Websites infrastructure to get the most out of their website, including:

  • An in-built blog that includes automatic options to subscribe through our Mailchimp integration and boosts SEO;
  • In-built client survey page, enabling them to capture feedback without expensive 3rd party tools that direct clients to unfamiliar sites and sometimes even branding;
  • Google review integrations, ensuring they reflect what their great reviews are saying about them directly to their website; and
  • A wonderfully designed colour scheme, which enabled us to utilise the blue and grey across the website, creating an aesthetic and cohesive look and feel.

It’s always a pleasure working with good people, and the team at JEM are no exception. Their commitment to a quality client experience really shone throughout our build and we look forward to continuously improving even further from here.