Denaro Link

Denaro Link website launch with Simply Advice Websites

After a successful collaboration on their first website, the dynamic duo of Nat and Anthony from Denaro Wealth decided they weren't done with digital magic just yet.

Very happy. Awesome job on the website. – Anthony Tripodi

Nat and Anthony approached us with a specific mission: to create a brand-new standalone website specifically designed to assisted retirees in navigating the often-intimidating process of applying for Aged Pension and Health Care Cards.

Collaboration: Round two

Renowned for her ability to turn phrases into gold, Lisa Greensill was invited once again to the Denaro project. Having worked on the original Denaro Wealth site, she was the obvious choice to pen the copy for this highly specialised venture. By collaborating with the client and our designer, we were able to produce a cohesive site tailored towards retirees.

The meat and potatoes: Features galore!

When it comes to planning your retirement, eligibility is key. And what better way to check it than calculators—three of them to be precise! Custom-designed, these online questionnaires help retirees determine their qualifications for Aged Pension and Health Care Cards free-of-charge.

This service is designed specifically to support anyone wanting to engage these easy-to-use calculators, including advised clients from other firms. Be sure to check them out and drop them a line if that might be something your clients would benefit from!

But wait, there’s more! We know that not every visit converts instantly into a client, so Lisa also crafted an expertly targeted nurture email campaign aimed at engaging users beyond the first emails.

Additionally, we made it effortless for prospective clients to book a chat with the integration of a Calendly meeting link serving as the site’s primary call to action.

Visual engagement and cohesiveness

We’re big believers that trust is gained through transparency and human connection. To this end, the site doesn’t just feature stock photos of ‘happy retirees on a beach’. Instead, it tells real stories and showcases multiple video testimonials. Valuably, these case studies add credibility and make the brand relatable to prospective clients.

Beneficially, Denaro also organised new professional headshots, while brand-relevant iconography and audience-specific imagery further enhanced the site’s visual elements.

The cherry on top: Ongoing partnership

The relationship with Nat and Anthony has been nothing short of harmonious. They are delighted with the new site and plans are already underway for ongoing collaborations with us to further both their business goals and client satisfaction.