Newberry Financial Services


Newberry launched their new website off the back of a transition to being own-licensed and a complete rebranding, all in the midst of the 2020 pandemic!

Pat and his team were excellent to liaise with. A very responsive and good quality, good value website has been the result for our small business. – Kimberley Newberry

As a result of the timing of their website build, it was critical we had a process that could support them and make setting up a great website as easy as possible.

Working with the team through their branding journey and design was a pleasure. The team’s commitment to their clients, their staff, and their pride as well as established members in the Tamworth community as a whole really shone through.

One aspect we really enjoyed demonstrating was on their ‘History‘ page. We built a bespoke timeline structure that demonstrated their tenure in the Tamworth community, and we just love the picture of a young David starting his financial services career in 1989. We coupled this with a header we sourced from Tamworth archive imagery to really tie in the local historical connections, and leveraged imagery throughout the site to build a sense of timelessness and longevity.

Newberry’s colour palette was also a core consideration of their build, wanting to deviate from the strong branding they had adopted from their previous licensee. The site utilises the teal from their logo throughout, whilst avoiding the risk of being overpowering.

We’re very glad to have met David and Kimberley and are proud to have been able to help them as their journey continues.