Segment Wealth

Segment Wealth

Paul ter Bogt leads Segment Wealth and engaged us in the building of his new website, which supported a change of licensee and a change of brand.

As a client of Steve Salvia’s, Paul had a clear vision and requirements for an effective design that supported a streamlined client experience and easy to access calls to action.

We met this by utilising the multiple colours of Paul’s logo throughout the website, such as eye-catching buttons, headings, and colour transitions in the banners. Balancing a colour palette that imbues the transitions of a Northern Territory, we sought to walk a fine line between channelling that and the risk of being outright corny! We also customised the call-to-action buttons by changing the text on different pages to be the most engaging and relevant in each context.

Collaborating with Paul and leveraging the work produced by Steve and his team, we were able to ensure image and brand consistency across Facebook and other social media. This ensures a streamlined brand experience.

Paul also took full license with customising his ‘Get in touch’ form, ensuring he can best prepare for his first client contact.

Overall, we had a great time working with Paul and are happy to build him the website he envisioned.