Denaro Wealth

Denaro wealth website

Denaro Wealth’s founders were looking to launch their first-ever website, wanted to expand their brand, and be more reachable to current and prospective clients.

One thing we really connected with from the guys at Denaro Wealth, led by Nat Lidestri and Anthony Tripodi, was their down to earth approach and commitment to being and staying local. This was supported through our design with simple imagery that even included an ‘on street’ photo that Nat had taken himself.

We also worked together to redesign their logo, producing a sleek, modern logo that compliments the brand and is aligned to their simple and approachable vision.

Among several of the key features of their website, we made sure to utilise:

  • Calendly as an invaluable way to consult with prospective clients;
  • A blog to leverages the great support they receive from Lifespan;
  • Google Maps integration;
  • Imagery selections suited to the brand and text; and
  • Client testimonials to enhance credibility (soon to become Google Reviews to improve SEO).

Following our recommendation, Nat and Anthony worked with content creator Lisa Greensill to develop the copy for the site. Through this collaboration, they were able to clarify their message and ensure it best reflects them and the clients they love to work with.

Ultimately, Nat and Anthony were a pleasure to work with, and we are thrilled with the product we developed for them.