Fenwicke Financial Services

Fenwicke Financial

Fenwicke Financial sought a modernised website that offers a more tailored client experience.

Our mission was to revamp their PDS system and enhance personal touch elements to strengthen trust with their clients.

Our approach:

  • PDS system enhancement: Originally, all PDS documents were accessible on a client-facing page. To improve this, we proposed hosting them internally. This allows specific PDF links to be provided to clients as needed, ensuring they always access the relevant version while keeping the website clean and focused on personalised advice.
  • Automated articles: Our team ensures regular content updates with articles provided weekly by Financial Writers, keeping the website fresh and informative.
  • Building trust: We incorporated client testimonials and an introductory video to foster trust and create a personal connection with visitors.
  • Functional design: We crafted a user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and secure website with intuitive navigation to improve client engagement.
  • Process improvements: We integrated Mailchimp to automate subscriber collection and created a client survey page to gather valuable feedback.

Result: Fenwicke Financial’s new website positions them as a trustworthy and professional advice firm equipped with the right tools for business growth and client engagement.