Hunt Wealth

Hunt Wealth

Hunt Wealth’s Director and Financial Adviser, Shaun Hunt, had been considering updating his website for a while before committing to the upgrade with us in mid-2021.

Great guidance and assistance from start to finish! I highly recommend! – Shaun Hunt

Shaun wanted to create a minimalist, user-friendly site that supported his clients and prospects. His monochrome colour scheme is featured throughout the site, with contrasting blues to help create a pop of colour and capture the user’s attention.

Although he is currently a one-man team, we have designed the infrastructure so that when Shaun does add a team member to the site, this can be done seamlessly.

Valuably, we have added client testimonials on the home page, demonstrating the capability and social validation of Shaun’s service.

Across the site, we have added booking buttons, people-focused images, and engaging videos to enhance user experience.

Notably, the services page exploits an accordion layout, allowing clients to filter through the most important services based on their individual needs. This adopts a process called ‘progressive disclosure’, which targets a simple interface that allows for further complexity when the user engages those aspects.

Like all our site builds, we worked closely with Shaun’s compliance team at Paragem, to ensure that the website met compliance best practice.

Overall, Shaun was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing to help Shaun in the future.