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After exiting her existing advice practice, Morgan Hayward needed to create a new brand from the ground up, and so Lume Wealth was developed.

The thought of creating a website from the ground up seemed quite daunting and overwhelming, but the team made it a seamless process. They are very experienced in the advice space and brought things to my attention that I would have otherwise overlooked. The service was quick, efficient, professional and the end result is a website and brand that I am incredibly proud of! I have received nothing but compliments around my website and I cannot thank Simply Advice Websites enough – Morgan Hayward

The goal was to develop a visually engaging and process-driven website that ticked all the boxes from the get-go. Morgan believes in ‘do it once, do it right,’ and so do we.

Our approach

  • Strong base: As always, we start with a foundation that ensures fast, mobile-friendly, user-friendly navigation, and secure performance. The real magic happens after this.
  • Client experience: The website enhances lead generation and streamlines ongoing client processes, ensuring a seamless client journey
  • Intuitive design and navigation: We created a modern, visually appealing site with easy-to-use navigation to improve user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Strategic integrations: Calendly was tactically integrated, enabling clients to effortlessly book appointments from initial discovery to follow-up review meetings.
  • Custom landing pages: Four tailored landing pages were developed, each addressing distinct client needs with personalised messaging and unique offerings.
  • Client testimonials: We laid the groundwork for integrating Google Reviews, recognising the importance of testimonials in building trust and credibility.
  • Partnerships: Brandover provided custom messaging, branding, and visuals; Simply Kaizen facilitated process and business consulting; and Mizzi Media crafted team photography and videography.

The result is a captivating brand experience that positions Lume Wealth as a client-centric advisory firm ready to succeed in the competitive financial landscape. Their website stands out for its stunning design and operational efficiencies, making it an invaluable tech asset for their business growth.