Stream Financial


We worked closely with the wonderful Stream team to build a sophisticated, aesthetic, and functional website to meet both their needs and their clients.

Pat ‘gets it’. I suppose this comes from extensive engagement across all levels of our industry, and possessing one of those brains that soaks it all up. His team comprises exceptionally talented individuals. One of the things I’m most impressed by is how seamlessly they execute. In addition to getting things done, Pat serves as an excellent sounding board for new ideas. – Tim Van Doore

With our consulting arm having worked with the Stream team for some time, it was great to finally turn our attention to the very beginning of the client experience and upgrade Stream’s website.

As one of the leading advice practices in Buderim, and indeed on the Sunshine Coast, Stream was looking for a website that would not just look nice, but also be engaging, fast, reflect their status effectively on Google, and support their business processes.

In this case, it was a great opportunity to stretch our legs and build well beyond our ‘off the shelf’ format.

Designed for speed

From a design perspective, we leveraged imagery that both supported their colour format, water based theme, and could be presented with lower detail that enhanced both load times and SEO.

Social proof

Stream have been leveraging video in their business well for a long time. Not only do they use video to help clients get to know who they are, but they have a trove of videos from very happy clients.

Beyond this, Stream’s good work with clients has led to many testimonials (which we’ve categorised based on the most relevant advice area to display intelligently throughout) as well as Google reviews. Stream have leveraged our Google review integration to help ensure that new reviews are reflected on their site automatically, keeping it up to date and fresh whilst they keep their focus on their clients.

Calendly integration

A common feature through our builds, Stream’s site offers a brilliantly easy client experience. You can book at any time with the button up the top (which includes tailored and dynamic prioritisation between advisers), whilst also booking your meeting type of choice with the adviser you choose. Once booked, the clients have an optional questionnaire integrated into the website giving them the opportunity to help the adviser make the most of their time together if they choose.

The website continues to make life easy for clients long after they’ve joined Stream, with review bookings, questionnaires, and much more all driven through the website.

Marketing automation

Stream’s commitment to maintaining their focus on their clients have enabled us to automate other marketing-based efforts too, with website posts being automatically posted to their social media sites and complete automation of their monthly roundup newsletters. Stream draw upon content sourced through Financial Writers as well as their own original articles to help ensure they have great and current content.

This is all in addition to our advice-centric service which makes it easy for any firm to maintain a current and compliant website.

The end result of the above is a fast website that is easy to find, easy to engage, easy to maintain, supports a broader digital strategy, and keeps their attention on what Stream love most: making more possible for their clients.

It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at Stream Financial, and it’s exciting to be working on their next steps to continuously improve even further.