Swinbourne Wealth & Protection

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Swinbourne Wealth & Protection recognised that their website felt outdated and was likely turning leads away. Our mission was to create a website that not only looked modern but also became the cornerstone of their processes.

Our goal was to modernise the website while enhancing processes and client experience. In particular, the Swinbourne team faced complexities around scheduling, especially with regular trips to their Sydney office.

Our approach

  • Centralised process: We made the website the very centre of Swinbourne Wealth & Protection’s operations, integrating essential functions to streamline their workflow.
  • Strategic scheduling: We delivered a process that effectively streamlined their scheduling complexities, finding a tech solution that the team hadn’t thought possible.
  • Billing integration: We eliminated the need to invoice clients for their first appointment, simplifying the payment process, by integrating Stripe through Calendly bookings.
  • Google Reviews integration: Google Reviews was integrated seamlessly to build trust and boost SEO, driving more organic traffic.
  • Ongoing regular content: Our team post regular articles, keeping Swinbourne’s website fresh and informative.
  • Partnerships: BrandOver crafted compelling copy that resonates with clients and conveys the firm’s expertise.
  • Yodal integration: We worked with Yodal to enhance Swinburne’s estate planning process and support Yodal forms within the site.

Result: The result is a visually stunning and highly functional website that positions Swinbourne Wealth & Protection as a forward-thinking, client-centric advice firm. The new site stands out for its modern design, streamlined processes, and enhanced client experience, making it a valuable asset for their continued growth and success.